Better Resources

 Better Value


Attract & Build Talent


At Value Info Tech we are passionate about finding and building talent that allows us to achieve your objectives and it's all thanks to the support and feedback from our customers like you!


We assure our clients the best talent by providing the most qualified and experienced resources after proper scrutiny. 


We may post open positions on Linkedin, the professional networking site and find candidates. We may also source candidates using social recruiting sites to find suitable candidates.


Evaluation & Hiring


Our goal is to meet and provide the requirements of our clients with quality resources. Value Info Tech technical team performs initial screening which may involve multiple interviews to screen, talent assessment test, and skill testing to see if the candidate skills match to client's requirements. 


As candidates move through the interview process they will go through background reference checks, and possible credit check as part of recruitment. The job application process gathers resumes and cover-letters, information required for background and reference checks. 


We decide which applicant will be offered position after the client assessment and clearance of background and reference checks.

Performance & Training


To develop our colleagues and maximize their contribution to our clients, we focus on Performance Management and Training. This includes seeking regular feedback from our clients, about the performance of our colleagues and working with them to improve, and develop.


The process includes multiple techniques and training that supports a strong performance of our colleagues. We believe in the right balance of evaluation and development, to ensure continuous performance improvement. We provide timely, relevant training that helps to improve our colleagues' technical skills and knowledge, which in turn aids to improve productivity.


We define goals and expectations to ensure effective performance management. we create an environment that builds commitment and performance. We communicate frequently and reward for right behaviors.


We continuously work with our colleagues' competencies and opportunities. To succeed in achieving the client goals, we assess gaps between the competencies and need. Further, provide resources and tools to our colleagues to improve their competencies.