Continuous changes in the factors which affect business have made survival and growth for IT corporations very challenging. New technologies, increasing customer expectations, and growing competition are some sides of an ever-changing mix of opportunities and threats. One of the critical factors in how swiftly companies respond to such situations depends on how quickly they can transform human resources into tune with the challenges.

Value Info Tech provides staffing services that help you to keep your workforce in sync with your changing needs. Staffing has become vital for businesses today. We aim to deliver the best resources within the time frame given by you at pricing that suits your requirement. We offer a single point solution for quality staffing services, providing full time, part-time, temporary and permanent resources.

We would love to work with you as a trusted partner to provide strategic IT staffing services to boost your business.

  • 01 Attract & Build Talent

    At Value Info Tech, we are passionate about finding and building talent that allows us to achieve your objectives, and it is all thanks to the support and feedback from our customers like you!

    After proper scrutiny, we assure our clients of the best talent by providing the most qualified and experienced resources.

    We may post open positions on LinkedIn, the professional networking site, and find candidates. We may also source candidates using social recruiting sites to find suitable candidates.

  • Our goal is to meet and provide the requirements of our clients with quality resources. Value Info Tech’s technical team performs initial screening, which may involve multiple interviews to screen, talent assessment, and skill testing to see if the candidate's skills match the client's requirements.

    As candidates move through the interview process, they will go through background reference checks and possible credit checks as part of recruitment. The job application process gathers resumes and covers letters, information required for background and reference checks.

    After the client assessment, background and reference checks clearance, we decide which applicant will be offered the position.

  • To develop our colleagues and maximize their contribution to our clients, we focus on Performance Management and Training. This includes seeking regular feedback from our clients about the performance of our colleagues and working with them to improve and develop.

    The process includes multiple techniques and training that supports the strong performance of our colleagues. We believe in the right balance of evaluation and development to ensure continuous performance improvement. We provide timely, relevant training that helps to improve our colleagues' technical skills and knowledge, which in turn aids to improve productivity.

    We define goals and expectations to ensure effective performance management. We create an environment that builds commitment and performance. We communicate frequently and reward for the right behaviors.

  • Value Info Tech provides you with dedicated resources that work as true extensions of your teams. From developers to virtual assistants, we identify the best people available in the market and hire them to be part of your team. Our strength is finding qualified candidates that match your exact requirements and team culture.

    Our EDC team is a central point of contact for the business for processes. The team is responsible for identifying and transitioning offshore activities. The team encompasses the processes and governance used to plan, prioritize, and manage/execute projects and programs.


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